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Grand update: V5.0.0 New play mode: Chess Hero
Featured Hero: Tabitha - Powerful DPS Mythic Hero
Mythic ATC Hero: Tabitha
Angel’s Treasure: Come and unlock the most powerful Mythic Relic Star of Elysia
Win New Outfit Gift of Youth in Everlasting Festival!
Update: V4.8.2: New Mythic Relic Star of Elysia
Egg Cracker: The best chance to unlock New Legendary Companion Marsh Crawler
Update: V4.8.1 New Mystic Hero Tabitha, Companion Marsh Crawler.
Next level strategy: New Real-Time PvP play mode: Chess Hero
Wheel of Fortune: Exclusive Mount Blooming Rabbit



    1. League of Angels Trailer

      League of Angels Trailer

    2. Speed Up LoA III on GTarcade Desktop

      Speed Up LoA III on GTarcade Desktop

    3. Angels VS Dragons

      Angels VS Dragons

    1. Athena 1920-1080

      Athena 1920-1080

    2. Athena 1280-1024

      Athena 1280-1024

    3. Athena 1024-768

      Athena 1024-768

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